What Should You Do When your Website Traffic Decreases?

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It is an important problem when your website traffic drops. Take it easy to check out and find what reason is. There are many explanations but you have to evaluate what is the main reason caused a sudden traffic loss on your website.

Following to Senior Marketing Consultant Brian Weiss shares that the first thing you have to do is take a look and compare this time this year to the same time last year. Traffic changes around the year, especially on the special holidays. In addition, industry events or external cause that could impact what you’re seeing with the traffic.


Secondly, if you have Google Analytics or SiteCatalyst, which use Java script tracking, it’s also good to have a server side analytics package. It’s essential to check out analytic issues.

Thirdly, it’s a good way to do if you track keywords to track them in groups. So you have your branded keywords, your non-branded keywords, your short-tail, your long-tail. You can see which the group of keywords is fallen.

Finally, Most of SEO Agency in Singapore has known that when something changes in Google such as algorithm and it will impact you across the board. It’s is one of the main reasons why your website traffic drops. Sometimes Google announces algorithm changes; other times there’s enough activity that occurs that it sort of becomes known within the industry that there was an algorithm change at that time. Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. It is not easy to update all. But we have place where you can check out a list of algorithm changes is MOZ. Do not ignore it because it affects search results in significant ways.


Think carefully what the reason make your website traffic drops is. After then, find out how to solve it as soon as possible. Many people believe that if a site is ranking well, that serves as proof that every tactic they are using is okay. But unfortunately, it is not true. Because Google algorithm always change and you have to follow it.

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