What is forum seeding?

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Forums is a meeting place for people – “netizens” to share about life, learning, experience. Like a chat room, people from different corners of life get into the forum to chat, discuss, look for information or sometimes argue for what they believe. By that way, someone can use forum to promote their brand and bring it to many diverse subjects. Then forum seeding was born – a type of Marketing Online.


What seeding is?

Forum Seeding (aka Online Seeding) is a popular form of Online Marketing on the Internet today. Forum Seeding is just putting seeds on the forums, on the blog-sphere… with the aim to spread the client’s business through word of mouth, PR their products to everyone, provide products’ information and get feedback.

On the other hand,  forum seeding can be used to create a public opinion, a tendency, even pose a big influence on consumers’ intention.

The forms of the Forum Seeding

1 / Article: introduce, analyze, evaluate objectively about the brand, products, services …

2 / Short Discussion: Creating a short discussion scenario revolving around brands, products; services…Then lead the discussion follow in favor of the brand and products.
Or join in the available topic and comment.

 Forum Seeding? What for?

Draw Attention: for new products which just appear or is going to appear on the market.

The message must be impressed with the main goal is to attract attention and curiosity for potential customers.


Interest & Share: Create dialogues around the new brand, which leads the story in favor of the brand. For example, you put a lot comments on the article in forum in a gentle and deft ways.

Search: type keywords and see articles on Top 1 Google page by using SEO.

Advantages & Disadvantages

- Advantages:

  • Simple,
  • efficient,
  • cost savings.
  • It can be assessed and measurable.
  • Have long-term effects .

- Disadvantages:

  • Can cause the opposite effect due to the negative response from the user, or the opponent.
  • Need a large staff, time tracking, and updated regularly.

Process of implementation


  • Step 1: Analyze and define the target object .
  • Step 2: Select suitable forums, social networks

Popular Channels for Forum Seeding: Google answer, Yahoo answer, Facebook, Twitter,  Zing Me, Bing …

  • Step 3: Select the message and forms of seeding
  • Step 4: Carry out (Account Registration, Post articles …)
  • Step 5: Predicting risk – Crisis Management:

– Anticipate feedback from forumers, prepare suitable responses.

– Delete objectionable comment, the opponent’s comments

– Delete topic (in case of getting bad feedback)

– Measurement, evaluation and adjustment.

– Use Google Analytics tool to calculate Traffic.

– Count Comment, Like, Vote, Comment Thanks … Rating

Inquiry & Notes

  • Content should ensure objectivity, closeness and adherence trends, searching habits of users.
  • Follow the theme and answer questions from the forum members promptly.
  • Creating a good relationship with Admins of forums in order to be able to handle risks as quickly as possible (Delete topic, delete comment …).
  • Have intuitive and accurate statistical tools
  •  Analyze user’s reactions in order to give reasonable solutions.

Seeding without Seeding: users today are “intelligent” , if not ingenious when doing forum seeding, it is very disturbing. In addition, the admins of forums almost “dislike” the facts that you come to their home and freely advertise, if you are not flexible in forum seeding, your articles , comments or even your accounts will banned after one day.


Currently, we are in the blossom period of the forum, it is considered as a form of viral marketing. The creation of the product’s theme quickly become the new marketing tactic which also can be seen as a new way of  marketing.

The old said  “Firts time for advertising, no one believed, continue for the second. If it does not work, don’t stop working. The 3rd advertisement would get better” .

And finally and most importantly: “Forum Seeding is not Spam”!

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Sources: References from reliable SEO forums and websites.

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