Warning Signs of a Bad SEO Agency You Need To Know

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To optimize your website you need a professional Internet Marketing agency that can guarantee your website top places. You pay for SEO service and expect that your website will get high ranking on Google, reach target customers. But how can you find a good SEO Service in Singapore?


I will show you Warning Signs of a Bad SEO Agency to make a right choice:

1. The company have a negative reputation across the Internet

You should search for name of company which you want to contact. Look for reviews about their SEO service. If the SEO Agency has a lot of negative reviews, you should consider carefully.

2. No recommendation from past customers

A good SEO company will provide contact information of past clients who can warrant their service. It is very good if they have big-name clients in the past. If they have nothing, you should look for much information about them.

3. What tools they will use to assist their SEO efforts

Ask SEO Agency what tools they will use to boost ranking your website on Google. After then, you can evaluate and decide which SEO Agency you will contact.

4. They access to your site for a free trial

A good SEO company will need passwords to access your code. If they’re offering a free trial, they might take your passwords, steal your sites and go away. It is very terrible if it happens to you.

5. Do not guarantee about your search ranking

They do not have SEO goal and offer such guarantee about search ranking. They do not define when your website gets more traffic or high ranking. It is very shady. Be careful when you negotiate contract as well as cost you have to pay.

6. Be careful of Copyright and Ownership

They ask for copyright content, code and everything they do for you. It is not good for you in the future. They will take back the content they wrote, leave you with a crippled site, and force you to scramble for repairs.

If you do not want to make the wrong choice, you should investigate SEO services or read more about them. SEO Agency in Singapore always offer a variety of SEO packages to satisfy each businesses’ requirements and intended budget to achieve the most desirable results with low SEO prices. It is good way to investigate it more carefully to make a right decision.

Source: Retrieved from various reliable SEO websites

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