Top SEO tactics for Youtube you need to know

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It is often thought that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Do you set up a wise SEO strategy to upload your Video on Youtube? How can you get the video to the top of the search? In this article, Seo Agency Singapore will recommend you some top SEO tips you need to know before publishing a Youtube Video.

It’s important to make your video more noticeable in the Search results. Optimizing title and description is believed to be one of the best ways to be more visible to your target audience. You should try to think like your customers and determine their habits when they are searching for something on Youtube. For example, if your users are interested in titles, video instructions, they will pay more attention to clear, relevant ones. Thus, you should analyze and make a plan to create related and optimized videos titles and descriptions. It’s high time to boost your video views and take a look at SEO tips below:

1. Titles

For many, there will be considerate increase of visibility in clear titles. More than that, titles can help audiences find out what your content is about and quickly decide to click you video or not. Thus, it’s good to choose the main keywords to describe your videos.

  • Avoid a long title that makes users more bewildered. It’s a good way to limit a title within 70 characters. Thus, you should strive to create engaging titles.
  • Remember, include descriptive and relevant keywords in your titles.

2. Description


As was stated above, the description is a very essential part. Obviously, it will appear below the title and show the summary of your content or important information. Make it more informative and attractive to readers.

  • Create a concise description or clear instruction with the basic information about your video.
  • Include a link to your website, social media sites within the first two sentences.
  • Include relevant keywordsthat will make your video easy to find on Google.
  • Add links to your social media sites.

3. Long tail key phrases

It’s pointless to utilizing competitive key phrases, because they are optimized by your competitors and you will find it very difficult to get ranked. Try specific and relevant key phrases to drive traffic to your video. You should research search terms which people often type in the search field on Youtube. This way will provide you useful keywords to choose and make an effective plan to optimize your video through them. In addition, you can find out questions that people are typing into the search box. This is a useful insight that will give you a general view and inspire you to come up with new ideas. There are many keywords took such asQuora and MyBlogU.

4. Update new trends


The main reason why you need to make people watch your video is that the amount of time people spend watching has a strong impact on your video’s YouTube rank. Thus, we suggests that you should update relevant hot trends currently that people are interested in. This will significantly increase the attraction of you video and get target audience’s attention.

  • Find out the hot trends on Social networks
  • Create new trends for a particular group

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5. Thumbnails


It can be seen clearly that thumbnails look like a banner for your videos. Thus, you should upload an engaging thumbnail to optimize your video.

  • Use colorful and attractive thumbnails
  • Show the related content to your video on thumbnails
  • Make thumbnails look great at both small and large sizes.
  • Check your thumbnails on TVs, iPads and desktop computers

With our seo services singapore and past experiences, SEO Agency Singapore admits that people often like to watch video than read a long text. Thus, to be consulted to optimize a video on Youtube you can contact us. We will give you some advice to boost your website and improve your results with Google.

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