Top SEO keyword tools you need to know in 2015

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Keyword is believed to be one of the best way to increase customer’s visibility. The proper keywords will bring more traffic to your website. When users type words into the search box to find something on Google or other search engine, they will receive a huge number of results that Google offers.

For many, users will pay their attention to the brand name that appears in the first position on Google or other search engine. The results will be based on your SEO efforts or paid advertisements. Thus, it’s good to analyze and prepare for an effective keyword plan in the following months. It is one of the important parts in your SEO process.

SEO Agency Singapore will recommend you some top SEO keyword tools to choose the right keywords that will help your website rank high in the search results. Through these tools you can find out potential keywords and analyze competitor’s keywords.

Bing Keyword Research Tool

keyword research 1

Many people utilize Bing keyword research tool to look for new ideas and current trends for their content. It’s a great resource that helps you have target keywords that related to your article. They will give you the keyword suggestions based on organic search, after then you need to analyze and choose the most suitable for your website and your content.

Google Ad Words Keyword Planner




Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool that helps you find keywords ideas and evaluate how they perform for Search engine optimization campaign. In addition, you can check the keyword volume to reflect what people search for exactly. You just have to Sign into AdWords, click “Tools and Analysis” option in the menu and select “Keyword Planner”.




SEO Agency Singapore will give you some essential information about Wordstream Free Keyword Tool. With this tool, you will receive a hug number of available keywords from database of searches. It’s important to set negative keyword to achieve a successful PPC campaign.

Google Keyword Suggest Tool

This tool will help you find relevant frequently searched for phrases on Google or other search engine. This tool will give you key phrases to achieve your SEO goal.

YouTube Keyword Tool

youtube keywords tool

Nowadays, many businesses often create a video to send message instead of traditional post. Users don’t have much time to read a long content and conduct an analysis. With this tool, you can determine content and video.




It is very important to research keywords as well as track rankings, traffic. This tool will measure the SEO results of competitors. The necessary elements you should track are traffic, search volumne, main keywords. In addition, find out how your competitors get the first ranking on Google.

These tools will give provide keyword generators and keyword ranking, which optimize your site and make it more visible on Internet. With our SEO services Singapore, we always utilize online tools to monitor keywords and build an effective keywords campaign.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources

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