TIPS to SEO Local in 2015

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We need to also look into the results from the survey ranking factor of 2014 then come up with some useful guideline to help you design phases for Local Search successfully in 2015. It may sound simple, but it is really not. Take a look at your competitors website content, you may see many similarity and most of those websites also do not have many inbound links. One thing will still remain the same in 2015 is that the best thing you can do for Local SEO in 2015 not to try to fool Google, but make your site better.

Make sure you avoid these basic mistakes, yet many sites are still making:

1. No content on the homepage:

Both users and Search Engines need to know what you have on your page when they first look at your home page. If your website’s home page is provides too little information on what you actually have to offer, then immediately you must add more useful content.

2. Only a few descriptions on each page:

Our users and the Search Engines will check the usefulness of your website. Do not put vague descriptions on products / services such as “If you want to buy product A, please call us for more information.” Online shoppers want information instantly. So you need to provide useful information right away below any product or service you provide.

3. Spam keyword:

There are too many websites that still use old-fashion SEO techniques. You absolutely cannot rank high for your homepage when what you do is just listing 100 cities in the World, separated by commas. Also, get rid of the spammy tags, quality over quantity remember?

4. Spam title:

You may have around 500 pixel width for your title tag. Whatever behind that allowed length will be cut before displaying search results. Title tags on pages need to be concise. Put keywords at the beginning, then your business name. Do remember stuffing keywords in your title tag is useless.

Optimize for Local SEO: On-site signal is now very important.


- Place City/ ST in your header: Remember, the title tag is extremely important in Search Engine Optimization. Placing the city/ state in the title tag is an important signal in Local SEO.

- Place City/ ST in your H1 tag: It’s not a title or description – but it is also a significant signal related to your Local SEO.

- Place City/ ST in your content: There are too many websites forgot to include city / ST on site content. Local will not work if the content has not mentioned it.

- Place City/ ST in the image ALT tags: Websites that do not have ALT tags on their images makes them invisible to Search Engines. Hence, ALT tags help improve the content on your website. Placing City/ ST in ALT tags help Search Engines grasp where you’re shooting.

- Place City / ST in the URL: If you can fix your URL structure, you can try to put the city/ state in your URL structure. That’s one way to send a stronger local signal to Search Engines.

Important Note: If you update your URL, do not forget to set up a 301 redirect from the old URLs to the new ones.

This is all strategies with the aim of enhancing your website’s quality. Thus, stop thinking about how to get better ranking on Google, rather think how to transform your website into one with the best quality in your field. That’s how you change the rank and gain higher customer conversion rate.

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Source: Retrieved from several reputable SEO websites and forums.

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