Tips For Backlink SEO

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Backlink is an essential activity in implementing SEO process, it plays a very important role in increasing traffic to clients’ websites, the traffic will be counted on “introductory pages”, moreover, the quantity and quality of backlink activities is also one of the ranking criteria of Google. When generating backlinks, it will enrich the quality and source of visited websites into monthly report for customer.

Tips For Backlink SEO

In fact there are numerous SEO backlink activity tips. Now we will share with you the tips to create backlinks by keywords.

For example: Assume that I want to create backlinks from these keyword: SEO Agency in Singapore

Step 1: First we will analyze the case of searching by customer by above keywords.
  • Case 1: In this case, our customers will have a possibility to search for keywords such as: “SEO tips backlink”, “knowledge about SEO backlink”, “SEO backlink blog”, etc…
  • Case 2: In this case, customers will find keywords those are more concise and difficult such as: “SEO”, “SEO knowledge”, “SEO tricks”…This is just some possible typical keywords that customers search the most, besides that, many other keywords are likely to happen with the keyword “SEO knowledge”, “SEO tips”, “SEO blog” that I mentioned above.In the process of analyzing keywords like that, you should separate it into two cases: first, the keywords are in and you have a certain understanding of that industry and second, you are outside the industry, your keywords will be more accurate.
Step 2: Create a backlink

In the process of creating articles or advertising posts, you should insert the keywords that we have analyzed above in its content and links to the page where you want to do SEO.

So in this article we have created a series of backlinks for a significant amount of keywords.

Notice that you should only create backlinks to pages which don’t have “no follow” attribute for links

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