Why Google+ is a factor of SEO and how to use Google+

Let SEO agency in Singapore explain with the question why Google+ is a factor of SEO and how to use Google+ effectively to promote SEO. Google+ is the favorite social network of webmaster as it shares an intimate relationship with Google Search Engine. Why Google+ affect SEO?

Pinterest trend for 2015

Most of people want to have the most traffic, and we spend most of our time trying to boost the website. So we choose Facebook to reach many target audience. But don’t think that Pinterest is a bad investment. However you will change your mind if you know that the importance of Pinterest. It will help your business to build marketing plan for 2015.

4 Trends that will change Your Social Media Campaign in 2015

Nowadays, an explosion of smart devices makes a big change how to use Social Media. The challenge in 2015 becomes how to more intelligently integrate the fast-growing with social media. It’s not enough for these devices to simply auto-post updates on users’ social streams. You should think about using smart devices to start tapping users’ social graph – their great network of friends and followers.

How Does Social Media Affect SEO Strategy?

Social Media has become one of important factors which affects directly your business’s search engine optimization efforts. Social media has impacted the way in which share content through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter…). A social environment allows people from all over the world to interact with each other through the distribution of thoughts, concepts, and services. Therefore, Social Media could impact your company’s rankings in the major search engines.

Social Media is more important than SEO?

Nowadays, Social Media is developing so fast and gain popularity. Many people believe that Social Media will help you reach your target customer and you don’t have to waste time to SEO for a long time. It’s very important to consider that how Social Media impacts Search Engine Optimization.