How to Optimize YouTube Video

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There are many ways to optimize your website and increase rank in Google research result. What is your SEO strategy? Do you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world with more than 3 billion searches per month? It is a good way to implement a YouTube video in your SEO strategy.

Most of marketers know the benefit from YouTube and how to use YouTube to get higher ranking on Google. You can get it with low SEO price. But not many people know how maximize their video ranking and as a result their video traffic and views.


You must think of keywords, algorithms that apply to YouTube. Here are some tips to optimize a YouTube Video:

1. Video File Name

The file name of your video will become accessible to Search engines, if you create and submit a video XML sitemap. Most of people ignore file name because it is not important factors to rank better. But it is related to your video content. It is a good advice to use sentences with hyphens so as to keep your video readable both by you and the search engine.

2. Description

YouTube only give allows 5000 characters for each video’s description, which means around 700 words. Creating an attractive content and include the headline key phrases from the video title. It is good to consider to using all relevant keywords with lower search results which have relative low competition compared to the headline. Remember to Put a link of the video itself at the beginning of the description. It is easy way to earn a direct backlink to your video when someone  hares your video on a social bookmarking site.

3. Video Title

If you have a good video title, you will have a good chance to be selected by audience. You can use 50 -60 characters on the title to increase your impression on Google.

4. Tags

YouTube places a great importance on Tags as they provide another big clue on how videos should be categorized and ranked. Try to use at least 10 tags including your headlines key phrases. You should try implementing a video marketing strategy in your overall inbound marketing campaign instead of starting a keyword ranking war in traditional search engines. You will be surprised with its result.

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Source: Retrieved from various reliable SEO websites

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