How to optimize your website for the holidays

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Have you been preparing for the holidays for the months? What should you do to attract your potential customers? Everyone is preparing for the most wonderful time of the year. Your target customers are looking for the reliable website to buy things that they need. Therefore you need to optimize your web pages to reach your target audience, instead of your competitor.

What should you do to optimize your e-commerce site this holiday season?

1. Google Analytics

It is a good way to review analytics from previous holiday campaigns can inform you on who your audience is, how to effectively reach for them, and how to create calls-to-action that result in sales. And you will know how to write more attractive content than yours competitors. It will help you define some popular keyword and show you where your customer came from.


2. Create a Seasonal Landing Page

Since Landing Page is very important, you should get decorated for the holidays. It will help you collects information about your customers, and gives a place for all the upcoming marketing offers. Jeff Stevens shared 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Landing Pages for the Holidays on

Wordstream that you can take notice:

  • Create a landing page that has a sense of urgency or scarcity. This could include a call-to-action informing customers that they have only 3 days left for free shipping.
  • Display all promotions and special offers prominently so customers know exactly what they’re getting.
  • Make it easy for customers to check-out with 2 clicks or less.
  • Make sure visitors can easily navigate through your site.
  • Add seasonal colors and images to spread the holiday cheer.
  • Optimize for mobile users.
  • Have social sharing button so visitors can promote your site for you.

3. Optimize Mobile site

Be sure that your website is ready for mobile users to buy online during the holidays. You can take a look some recommendations from Jeff Bullas:

  • Streamline your site: Avoid lots of text, Flash/Java and keep file sizes small.
  • Make it responsive: Website adjusts the device it’s being viewed on.
  • Integrate Instagram: Share your quality images from Instagram to your blog.
  •  Keep it secure: Make sure your program is up-to-date and you have change username/password
  • Test: Make sure everything is working properly.

4. Promotion activities

Offer your target audience voucher, discounts and coupons to motivate them buy more. Discounts and coupons should be a top priority for your online business. During a survey of 4,000 online shoppers from Pricegrabber (via Marketing Land) during October 2013, found that “61% said they planned to download coupon apps for holiday shopping; 55% said comparison shopping apps; 54% intended to download apps from their favorite retailers; 50% said they would download Black Friday and Cyber Monday apps to search for the best deals; and 44% planned to download apps with the ability to scan barcodes.” . It’s great to reach your potential customers.

5. Listing and content

You have to ready to have listing and available content for Christmas and New Year is coming. Everyone is waiting for Big Sale at the end of year. Therefore there are a lot of people will be your customers. Your directory listing is in order; go through your site and content to ensure it’s scheduled and updated accordingly. You should spend time reviewing and editing your content and making sure it will still be published on the assigned date.

How are you preparing your site for the holiday season? If you need help, you can contact SEO Agency to be consulted about Social Media and SEO strategy for your websit with cheap SEO services.

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