How to engage your Facebook visitors

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks which can boost your site’s ranking and increase your visibility in search engines as well. The point is how to use Facebook for reaching viewers’ attention and engage them effectively? To be liked on Facebook is extremely a good news, but to be shared is better due to the fact that it is very hard to make viewers share your Facebook’s content. Once your contents are widely shared, your visibility is obviously expanded. But nothing is impossible. Here are 9 ways which can help you easily engage your Facebook visitors combined by SEO agency Singapore.

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1. Deliver valuable information

The most essential factor which contributes to the success of reaching viewers’ engagement is providing valuable information. Keep in mind that content is king, now and forever. Once you can create high quality content, your site probably catches a huge number of viewers and they will visit your site frequently as well.

2. Update your content frequently

It is highly recommended to post your content on Facebook at least 4 times per week. This is the understandable and reasonable figure in order to make sure that viewers are aware of your site’s existence.

3. Post your content at the best time

It is really significant to figure out about viewers’ behavior in using Facebook. “If people are not at their office, where they can be? – On Facebook”. According to estimates by SEO agency Singapore, the best time to post on Facebook is from 1p.m to 4p.m. Remember to post your content on Facebook’s wall to gain the greater traffic to your site.

SEO agency Singapore

4. Using attractive images

Make sure that your images are well optimized before posting on Facebook. We suggest that you should use your own images instead of selecting from Google. Viewers obviously appreciate those unique images and stay longer at your site. Addition, you have to use images which is relevant with your topic to make a logical content.

5. Using videos

Instead of writing merely articles about your products or services, videos are another way to deliver information effectively. Over 60% of viewers will be engaged with your site after watching your videos. Therefore, don’t hesitate to post videos on your Facebook to reach viewers’ attention.

6. Have a suitable length

Differ from writing blogs, your posts on Facebook should be from 150 to 200 words. With that length, your posts will be read and shared more due to the fact that visitors don’t prefer viewing long posts. However, SEO services Singapore suggests that you have to ensure about your post’s quality that can meet viewers’ demands.

7. Post something funny

Yes, post something funny on your Facebook. It is not a good idea for always posting academic topics. Viewers might feel bored and uninterested with this kind of content as long as how high quality your posts are.

8. Update latest information

Increase your Facebook’s reliability by promptly updating the newest information on your topics. For instance, write how Google changes their algorithms recently, or what your SEO plan need to update, etc…

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9. Build up attractive title

What is the most vital element making viewers read your post? It is title. Make sure that your titles are fascinating and attractive enough to reach viewers’ attention. Good title- good engagement.

SEO agency Singapore

Here are some tips which assist you in optimizing your Facebook and increasing the viewers’ engagement. Hope you can find valuable information from this article and choose the best SEO experts, not only in Singapore, but also all around the world. Contact us if you have any SEO matters.

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