How To Dominate Your Local Search Campaign in 2015

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SEO Agency in Singapore believe that some major changes in local ranking factors since 2014, which I also expect to change greatly throughout 2015.

Practical tip 1: User behavior affecting local results

If user behavior can have an impact on search results, we should definitely be optimizing for our users.

1. Solicit your Gmail clients for reviews

If you have a list of happy Gmail clients you can simply send them an email with a direct link to your Google My Business Page. Just get the URL of your local page by pulling up your URL and copying and pasting it.
If your clients click on this link via their logged-in Gmail, they will automatically be taken to the review page which will open up the box to leave a review which looks like the example below. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

2. Optimize your local photos

Your Google My Business page includes photos. You should use high quality to help your target audience get an accurate representation of what they’re looking for. It will help your website rise click-through rate.

3. Get Five Stars for reviews

5 Star Reviews

It’s good to get a lot of great feedback and several reviews. These reviews will also help on third-party sites and can help your Google My Business ranking positions as well as click-through rates.After that, optimize the appearance of your Google My Business Page.

Organic SEO: Optimize for Behavioral Signals

1. Title tags:
Optimize your meta title tags to increase click-through rates. It will give your potential customers more information and attract them if you have a unique title tag.
2. Meta descriptions:
Meta description tags, while not important to search engine rankings, are extremely important in gaining user click-through from SERPs. It draws readers to a website from the SERP and thus, is an extremely important part of search marketing. So, don’t miss to optimize your meta description to get the user to click on the search result
3. Review Schema markup:

Schema review Google Search

Review information such as ratings and descriptions can help users to better identify pages with good content. The goal of a review rich snippet is to provide users with review information about a specific product or service, such as the star rating (1 to 5 stars) and the name of reviewer(s).
It’s difficult to prepare for the SEO war in 2015. If you had a hard year in local search, let SEO Agency Singapore give you some advices to get your website high ranking on Google result.

Practical tip 2: Start to audit
Start to audit
Start to audit

SEO Agency in Singapore have more experience than you is not a bad thing. They will help you enhance your knowledge and get a different perspective. It can be humbling but the experience is amazing. It’s a good idea to get more advice, identify potential problems, and have a fresh perspective that will give you a general view. You should consider things like speed, content, penalties, mobile compatibility, site structure, and more.
If your company is so small and you don’t have the budget to pay for SEO services, you can contact cheap SEO services in Singapore. In addition, you can also conduct an independent audit.

Practical tip 3: Get the best links
Get high quality links

SEO Agency Singapore believe that it’s better to get fewer high quality links than hundreds or thousands of low quality links. If you want to increase your local rankings you can do so by earning these links to your associated Google My Business landing page.
Here are 3 tips to get the best links:
• Guest Blogging
Get the right topic on the right blog, and the results can be pretty astronomical. You can get the link juice; get traffic, brand awareness, and potentially even conversions.
• Forums & Online Communities
Find these online communities, forums or discussion groups and join them. You should build the relationship first, and after then post a link. Be careful do not let that be your last post. It’s a reason why you should read the rule of forum which you will enjoy.
• Give Stuff Away
The whole point of link building is to create things that people like and want to link to. And what people like is to get free stuff. You can organize a contest that is related to your business which will put you in touch with people in your target audience.

Practical tip 4: Don’t ignore barnacle SEO

According to Will Scott’s website Search Influence, barnacle SEO is “attaching oneself to a large fixed object and waiting for the customers to float by in the current.” In a nutshell, we know that if you’re trying to rank on page one of Google you will find others that you may be able to attach to.
1. Try to have the most visible profile on that third party page
Nowadays, most of people do some shopping and make a selection. They use it for for a research platform and then will visit your website. If your profile looks great and shows up high on the list, you just gave yourself a better chance at getting a conversion.
2. Get your page to rank
This Attorney’s website and Yelp page will help you get your page to rank. If Google is already showing you that they trust a third party site by ranking it, you can use similar organic ranking techniques that you would use on your own site to make your profile page stronger. It’s a good idea to raise the visibility of your profile on search engines to reach many target audience.
3. You can help your Google My Business
We provide you a list of potential barnacle SEO partners for your industry. Four additional places you need to know:
1. Yelp
2. Thumbtack
3. Avvo
4. Wikipedia
If you were attorney, it would be worth your while to explore these and see if any make sense for you to contribute to.

Practical tip 5: Consider citations and duplicates
Do not Duplicate

You have to make sure that there are no duplicate citations or no incorrect citations with wrong phone numbers, old addresses. They will damage your reputation. SEO Agency Singapore believe that the importance of citations has been greatly reduced over the past year.
Citations are one of the leading factors that Google uses when deciding whether to rank businesses within their local search results. Citations from authoritative, well established websites (e.g.Yelp) help to increase the amount of information search engines have about a business’s location and contact information.
• Possible sources for citations include:
– General and local business directories
– Niche, industry specific directories
– Social sites – e.g. Facebook, Twitter
– Local blogs
– Prominent local websites
When a business has more than one listing for a single location in a directory, these listings are considered duplicates. These duplicates can decrease a local business’s ability to rank, so it’s very important to ensure that duplicate listings don’t exist.
Here are some tactics to dominate your local search campaign in 2015. Take a look and contact SEO Agency in Singapore to get available information. With cheap SEO, they can help you achieve your goal and get your website high ranking on Google result.
Sources: Retrieved from various reliable SEO websites

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