How to develop your SEO project

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To have a good plan to develop your SEO project you should start discussions with SEO Agency Singapore about site architecture, SEO tactics and defining clearly project goals.


It’s good to ask the SEO team for a new site structure. Content is very important so you should think carefully before you make a decision. SEO Agency Singapore advises that you should get everyone on the same page about what pages are staying, going, or being added to the site. Your site structure should be suitable for building a sitemap and show your content goals. Don’t ignore the sitemap during the development process. You should consider the current keyword strategy and different site users or goals to prepare for new SEO projects.
You should make sure that your team has enough knowledge about SEO to utilize technical SEO. If you want to build the site on WordPress, you need a SEO team who can manage on-page SEO like title tags and meta descriptions. SEO Agency Singapore recommends that it’s good to create a list of redirects you need during this stage of the process. Therefore, you should use a tool like Screaming Frog to make it easier to remember.

What should you do during development?

It’s time to look for what difficulties your team are facing and find good solutions for changes during the process. You need to make an effort to update SEO news and always be ready for changes. In addition, you should choose the right time to conduct a post-launch content strategy, post articles on your page, social networks. You need to have a plan to drive traffic and conversions during the first months after launch. If you are going to have a new domain or you’re concerned about initial traffic dips after a launch, consider paid media to keep traffic flowing.



Measurement will help you track the result of activities and adjust your plan. You should identify analytics data such as scroll depth or CTA clicks to track post-launch and you can set up tracking code with Google Tag Manager ahead of time.

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Start Project

It’s time to check technical SEO, goals before you launch the project. It’s a good idea to crawl your site to check for 404s or any faulty redirects and fix the issues you find as soon as possible.

Post Launch


After you launch your project, you should monitor your data and compare it to your baseline metrics. This information will show you how to improve the user experience and positively impact conversions. In addition, you should consider building up site content through blog posts, social networks to draw traffic and make a marketing automation strategy. You should make sure that you’re using a variety of tools to gain user and data-driven feedback to improve your campaigns. SEO Agency in Singapore will give you some tools like, and Google Analytics.

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It’s good to have a discussion with your team and SEO Agency Singapore to develop your SEO project. Let us help you to boost your website and bring customers to your company.
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