How to determine your website have a penalty

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Many business owners admit that search engines have a strong influence on their company’s annual revenues. They combine many marketing online tools to increase brand awareness and achieve their business goal. Search engine optimization is one of the most useful methods to drive more traffic to your website, especially increase your Google rank.

SEO Agency Singapore will start by looking at the most important thing that makes many people are afraid of the Google penalty. Additionally, it also affects the results of SEO efforts, worse than that it can damage your reputation.
For many obvious reasons, you should find out why your website is penalized and learn from that to have the best way to face difficulties and challenges.
Many SEO agencies promise that they will help you get the first position on Google results. In fact, they just make attractive promises and damage your business and your website more than they help.


What Are Search Engine Penalties?

Google utilize algorithms to find out important factors and evaluate which sites is the best that give users useful information. It can be seen clearly that Search engines have rules of engagement they expect webmasters to follow, and they provide Webmaster Guidelines to help people go in the right way. Remember, it’s good to create an unique content and avoid black-hat SEO techniques that will improve your website’s Google ranking

Algorithmic penalties can detects a pattern or behavior against the rules and define your content break SEO law or not. After then, this tool will take measures to either de-index your site or move you way down in the rankings.

There are two big algorithmic penalties you need to note below:

Google panda and Penguin

Penguin has to resolve these issues such as low-quality; spammy links come form your website, as well as over-optimized anchor text. These break Google’s rules to spam the Web for links or try to manipulate what those links say to improve your search ranking.
Panda will aim to penalize websites with a lot of duplicate, thin, or poor content.

When do you need to examine your SEO plan?

• Your rankings suddenly plummet
You should consider carefully when your site keeps top position, but your position plunge suddenly and quickly. This can be an indication that an algorithmic or manual Google penalty has been levied against your site. It’s time to find out the reasons why it happened and how to adjust it.
• There are so many backlinks
It is advised that we should build natural and high-quality backlinks. It’s dangerous to add a huge number of new links in a short time period. The site includes many spammy links will be penalize by Google.
• Your traffic decrease sharply

It’s easy to review where traffic is come from by utilizing Google Analytics. Find out the causes lead to the poor results.



It’s not hard to avoid a Google Penalty if you have enough Search Engine Optimization knowledge. With our SEO services Singapore, we guarantee that you must not have to deal with a Google penalty or a penalty removal. More than that, SEO Singapore always gives your business a perfect SEO strategy.

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