How to conduct a competitive backlink analysis in 2015 ( Part 1 )

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You always have to face the challenges of SEO, which make you think carefully about what you would do to fight for the rankings of your website. SEO Agency in Singapore recommends that you should conduct a competitive backlink analysis to rank higher in search result.

It can be seen that backlinks can affect strongly the rankings of your website. Most people focus on building good backlinks to improve the rankings but they forget to make a plan before. This article will tell you what you should do.

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SEO backlinks
SEO Agency analyse SEO backlinks

1.    Review your pages

Are you sure about your pages that will get high ranking in search result? Do you have a good website? If you have a good website, you will not have difficulty getting good backlinks. You should ensure that the web pages of your website have relevant keywords in content, which you want to get high ranking. It means that you should think carefully about main keywords for your web pages. In addition, you can use the website audit tools to check your web pages for technical errors. They are one of main reasons why search engines cannot show your page. It would be pointless to build backlinks to direct to your website with technical errors.

2.    Identify your competitors

Analyse competitors
SEO Agency Singapore analyse competitors

Do you want to know the top keywords are related to your industry in Search Google? It’s a good idea to check the top keywords that are listed on the first results page. After that, you should consider these websites which own these keyword. They can be your competitors that you have to fight for a SEO campaign. You should consider from 3 to 5 websites that are listed for all these keywords on the first results page. Do not waste your time checking so many websites.

3.    Check backlinks of the top sites

Build good backlinks

SEO Agency Singapore will help you conduct a competitive backlinks analysis by using link building tools to find the most important links that direct to the top sites. With professional team, we will analyze these links and offer you a SEO plan to improve backlinks of your website. In addition, we will consult you about the next things you need to do and build a SEO plan for the coming month. It’s a great way to get links from some of the websites, which help your web pages to improve rapidly. Do not worry about this. If your website has much useful content, some websites will link to your site.
Another problem is that the top ranked sites will consider the importance of your content, after then they will link to your site. Thus, you should make sure that your content is informative and attractive.

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SEO Agency in Singapore advices that you should learn about the SEO industry and gain much needed experience to optimize your website. If you want to find much information about a SEO analysis, you can visit our website to read the part 2 of this content.
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