How to boost SEO in Singapore result using Twitter

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Twitter is an online social network where users can update news, follow other users, and interact with others. It’s a good place to establish a good relationship with real people. More than that, this social network can also be used to increase your search engine optimization campaign rankings and boost your business. In this article, SEO Agency Singapore will show you how to utilize Twitter to increase your SEO rankings.

1. Natural links

natural link

Link is one of the most important factors to persuade Google that your website and content are reliable and useful. If you have a great content, visitors will want to share it on their networks. Their friends will come to your websites through this link. It’s the best way to build organic connection as well as natural links. Thus, you should make your links shareable to boost your SEO campaign. The most important thing is to include target keywords along with your links to optimize the content of each post. In addition, you should make sure that put hashtag along with your posts to categorize your tweets and identify tweeting trends on Twitter. It’s good to take a look at how you can determine low-quality links.

2. Build a community on Twitter


Do you have a good relationship with influencers in your industry? It’s time to contact famous bloggers and create a discussion. You can follow others, retweet and link to content of people, which help you interact with people effectively. It’s good to list readers ‘questions and find out the best solution for them. This way will help you close to your target audience and make them trust your brand.

3. Optimize your professional information

Your profile is a part of your Twitter account. You should make sure that your profile contain a full of information about your business (your brand name, user name, or the services you provide should be defined by your Twitter profile name). It’s good to place your website link on your profile page to help readers realize who you are. It means that you are building brand awareness as well as authority.

4. Build your brand online


SEO Agency Singapore states that if you utilize Twitter in the right way, it will support the process of SEO effectively. By building new connections, Twitter will help you build your brand online, increase your company’s visibility. Moreover, it has a strong influence on buyer behavior and the decision-making process. Most of people often think about a product of the brand which it has a first position in their mind. This affects their decision-making process .Therefore; all brands want to become a brand coming first in customer’s mind. For the obvious reasons, you have to remember these few notices and make your SEO plan for Twitter the right way now. Especially, there’s nothing better than a great content.



5. Make it more effective

You should create Twitter button on your website that will help readers easily share your articles in their Twitter account. So make the process convenient for them. In addition, you can re-tweet other relevant articles to give readers more information that they are looking for. Of course, it is a good way to build your brand and promote your services. SEO Singapore suggests that you should allow your users to interact with you through your blog. Make sure to give other users the chance to re-tweet your posts.


You need to put more effort into your SEO work to improve your website’s Google ranking. With our SEO experts, we can ensure that your website will get the first place on Google results within 2-3 months. To be consulted about the SEO plan in the following month you can contact SEO Agency in Singapore.
Source: Consolidate from many SEO resources.

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