7 Common Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

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You know the importance of social media and you decide to get your business started on it. Before you do, consider these common mistakes so you can avoid them. SEO Agency Singapore predicted that these mistakes can hurt your brand’s reputation.

Many people make these mistakes because they lack knowledge. It’s very dangerous if you ignore them. Here are 7 common mistakes you should consider:

1. Not having a Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Most people think that they only need to set up a Twitter and Facebook account, post random messages. But it’s not enough. You should create a useful content to your target audience. It’s a good idea to know your audience, and know your purpose for being on a specific channel. To defeat your competitors you should prepare for the best social media. It’s good to define what your objectives are, what kind of message you are going to post, the type of voice you want to distribute.



2. Using your Facebook page as your website


In general, social media should support your business and drive people back to your website. Don’t use it as your main page because you cannot control the changes of Social channel. You are not sure when social channels come and go. So all of content you posted on Social channels that will not ensured to maintain forever. But with your website, you control what happens.

3. Buying fake fans, likes

Are you interested in increasing the number of followers and likes for your page? If you have a large following, it will help your page attracts visitors. There are many services that you just need to pay for amount of money to have 1000 fans. But it cannot bring potential customers to your business. They are not real fans, so they don’t care what products you have. Absolutely, they won’t be as engaged as real fans of your brand. You should make a big effort to build authentic relationships with your audience before expecting anything from them. If you have creative content, you’ll increase traffic, gain new followers and fans.

4. Sharing The Wrong Links On Your Website

If you share the wrong links on your website, it means that you will fail to reach target audiences. Your website has social buttons but they don’t link to your accounts. They just encourage readers to share or tweet the page. It’s very essential to let them follow and interact with you.

5. Too Many Hashtags

Hashtag is a good way to help readers join relevant conversations. How many hashtags are there on your posts? It’s a big mistake to share so many hashtags because it will become a serious problem. SEO Agency Singapore advice that it’s good to use one or two hashtags on your posts.
While we’re on the subject of hashtags, it is also best practice to make sure that you are only sharing hashtags on the channels that use them – by these we mean Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. We often see people sharing the same message on LinkedIn as they did on Twitter and forgetting to take the hashtags out. This looks unprofessional.

6. Not Tracking Your Activity

SEO Agency Singapore

To see the effectiveness of your activity you should track every month and compare your results with the month before. After then, you can adjust or prepare for the next plan. If you don’t track your Social campaign, you cannot evaluate your activities.


7. Talking Too Much

It’s good to give your target audiences much useful information. But if you post too much irrelevant things, they will make readers uncomfortable. You should create interesting conversations to attract readers, encourage them to discuss. People will be more drawn to you if you’re building discussions with your customers and actually listening to what they’re saying rather than forcing your sales messages upon them.

It’s good to avoid these mistakes and feel free to contact SEO Agency Singapore to get some advice and prepare for your campaign. With cheap SEO services, we will help your website achieve SEO objectives.
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