6 Reasons Why You Should Think Carefully To Choose A SEO Agency

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To succeed in these unpredictable search engine algorithm changes and content innovation, you need a SEO service that is doing things right. But how can you find a professional SEO service in Singapore?

Here are six reasons why you should consider carefully about a SEO agency:

1. Their process is not clear

If a SEO agency does not explain about SEO process, you should be careful. It is dangerous if they’re doing something that is either black-hat, gray-hat, or otherwise suspicious. So they don’t want to explain it clearly. Ask SEO agency tell you exactly and simply what they will do for your website. Which tactics they will use to boost your website? What is their SEO strategy? Don’t let them destroy websites with manual penalties.


2. Spammy Backlinks

Most of SEO agencies know that a rash of bad links is the precursors of a manual penalty. And source of spammy backlinks is misguided link building. Therefore, you should ask SEO Agency about backlink they will use. A site’s backlinks are the substance of that site’s health and authority. Don’t ignore them. Backlinks are the important part of SEO process.

3. They don’t care Algorithm Changes

How often does the algorithm change? Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts answered that question: “We tend to make changes to our core search algorithms at least once a day.” The algorithm is always evolving. But SEO agency can not adapt to Algorithm changes. They will fail. Therefore, you should avoid them when you realize warning signs.

4. They have an unprofessional report

Here are a few specifics you should track:

– Regular reports — monthly at minimum.

– On-demand reports.

– Interpretation, analysis, and assimilation of data.

– Year-over-year and month-over-month performance.

If a SEO agency does not give you these numbers in a comprehensive and regular way, consider contract with them.

5. Strategic consultation is very important

A good SEO company will provide strategic consultation. Quality SEO agencies know when to show and comment on issues that are related to your business. It is very good if they can understand your goal to optimize keyword.

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Source: Retrieved from various reliable SEO websites

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