5 Mobile Tips to rank higher in search result

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Although today’s smartphones are quite powerful, they still pale in comparison with the average desktop computer. By using mobile devices to access that same Internet, users had bad experience. Because the speed of loading is very slow. Therefore, SEO Agency in Singapore will help you make the Internet faster for mobile devices.

It is the most important that more and more users are searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Social network by their mobile. But the way people search on mobile is different from how they search on desktop.The development of mobile devices make people worry about how to build websites that perform well on mobile devices remains a challenge. Here are five things you should focus on:

1.    Social Media


Social Media has an impact on a company’s rank on search engines. How does Social Media affect SEO strategy? It depends on many factors that you can take a look this article. Many people like to share something on Social Networks (Face book, Twitter,Google+…) It’s essential to give them links with those instantly recognizable icons to share your content. It will make your content more visible and more people click your website. With a professional team, we always provide you advice, tactics to enhance your website. Most people use mobile device to sign in facebook, twitter… when they have free time. So, do not ignore Social network that bring potential customer to you. You need to know 4 trends that will change your Social Media campaign in 2015 to adjust your strategy.

2.    Mobile page load speed


Many users said that they are not pleased to wait for a page load on mobile. A slow mobile experience that makes them boring. So you can guess what will happen? Vistors will leave or continue to wait? Noone wants to waste time waiting for loading. If this state stays longer, you will lose your potential customers. So, you should make sure that your site loads quickly on mobile and your potential customers will have a positive experience on your website. Page speed is an important ranking factor that you have to consider.

3.    Apps

Searching in-app is particularly popular for websites like Yelp and eBay, as well as industries such as social media and banking. According to Mobile Path to Purchase researched by Nielsen on behalf of Google found that 74% of people use mobile to utilize a search engine to search and buy things what they need. Many people are too busy to go shopping, so they buy products on Internet. It’s a good idea to make your sites available to owners of handheld devices.
Some people wonder about an app or a mobile site. Which one would you choose? If you have to prioritize between an app and a mobile site, you should create a mobile-optimized website. Because Google cannot search and index in-app. And some people don’t want to have so many apps on their mobile.

4. The limitation of the device

Mobile browsers have some limitations that might affect the way people see your website in their smart phones or tablets. SEO Agency in Singapore found that you will have big problem if your website is difficult to access on smart phones or tablet. This will affect your ranking on mobile results. Especially, you have to make sure your visual content is optimized for mobile devices.

5.  Increase valuable experiences

Make sure your visitors always are pleased with each experience on your website. User experience affects a site’s ability to engage visitors, which has impact on rankings. So, it’s reason why you need provide useful information to your visitors and focus on content on your website.

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Source: Consolidate from many SEO resources.

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