4 Trends that will change Your Social Media Campaign in 2015

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1. Smart devices integrate social media

Nowadays, an explosion of smart devices makes a big change how to use Social Media. The challenge in 2015 becomes how to more intelligently integrate the fast-growing with social media. It’s not enough for these devices to simply auto-post updates on users’ social streams. You should think about using smart devices to start tapping users’ social graph – their great network of friends and followers.

It is good to track users’ activities and interactions with friends and followers, after that respond as soon as possible. Because most of people use smart device when they get up in the morning and before go to bed.

2. Social media and messaging apps

A hidden payment feature was showed in Face book’s popular Messenger app in October, which would allow users to transfer money to one another using just debit card information, free of charge. It makes many people surprised. And Twitter is introducing a new tool that allows coupons from retailers to be loaded directly onto your credit card via Tweet, and then applied automatically at checkout. It is very convenient, useful.

We Chat, KakaoTalk, and Line have already started offering mobile payment services in selected countries. Through the messaging app, We Chat and Line user can order takeout food and shop for clothes.


3. New dating apps grow and Social media privacy issues

A number of new dating apps are courting users and will continue to rise in the coming year.

Privacy issue is very important and users always worry about it. In late November, Facebook announced it will be launching a new tool called Privacy Basics in 2015. It will bring greater transparency to the issue of who actually sees the photos, updates and links you post, and also offers tips on how to remove your name from tagged photos. It is a main reason why you should consider it.

4. E-tailers turning to Social Media

Social media is fast changing the face of ecommerce, providing traditional online retailers with a new way to reach audiences and make sales. For example: Lazada is one of the most successful ecommerce startups in Southeast Asia, is now actively engaging its customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The mobile ecommerce space expands with social media play an important part. Because of the growing of low- cost smart phones and faster internet connectivity in Asia, we will see more people making purchases on-the-go via their social networks.

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