4 Tools Google Give us For Mobile SEO

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Nowadays more and more people use Mobile to search what they want on Google.Search engines always want to deliver the site that is the most relevant and best-equipped to answer the mobile searcher’s query. Therefore, you have to make sure.

Mobile is an important part of our SEO strategy. You should look at your “By Device Category” breakout in Google Analytics to better understand how frequently your site users are entering via a mobile device.


You can see between 15 and 40 percent of all site organic traffic is entering the site through the via tablet devices or mobile device category. Mobile often gives us a different experience to end users. If Google provides you with segmented data or a tool offering, it shows that Google pay attention to your mobile SEO.

Google give us many tools for Mobile SEO

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights

Google give us many tools such as CSS and JavaScript, site images, leveraging browser caching… Google continue to provide these sections to move beyond SEO needs and provide user experience issues. They remind us about sites displayed outside a viewport, font sizes and other areas of page display such as the proximity links.

Google Mobile- Friendly Test

Google Mobile- Friendly Test

Google will give you insight on correcting these issues, which helps you build site more effectively.  Especially, within the Google Mobile Guide where the Mobile-Friendly Test resides, Google also provides a Mobile SEO guide to adhere to.

Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability

Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability

Google will help us understand more Mobile Usability and consider understanding that these tools show the apparent issues. And we have to consider that these issues are a problem across the entire site?

This tool allows us to pinpoint where the issues reside.

Mobile- Friendly

Google is displaying “mobile- friendly” tags. It can help you rank your page and attract your user experience.  Google wants to see us format content in Schema format so that they can understand pages easier, in return granting us rich snippets in search results.


They are SEO factors can affect your site displaying in mobile search.  You should consider these tools carefully to built site for Mobile SEO. They are essential factors to optimize your website.

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