4 tips to have an engaging content on Social Media

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Content is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your web and improve your search engine ranking on Google results. SEO Agency Singapore will give you some tips to create engaging social media content that has a strong impact on SEO.

For many obvious reasons, if your content is unique and useful, it will affect the engagement of your audience. Here are some tips to have an effective content strategy on Social Media. SEO Agency Singapore suggests that it is important to invest much more time and effort to create quality content that is related to your readers.

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1. Who is your target audience?

Before starting to plan a content strategy, you should conduct research on who is using what on social media. You can analyze who your audience is and discover their needs. Based on this information, you will be able to design your content to match your audience. This will attract the potential customers and retain current customers. There is a wide variety of topics on your site, so you have to clearly define audience who you aim at. It is a good way to focus on a single subject that readers will appealed.

2. Type of content

It is good to develop your ideas and design your own type of content. There are many types of content that you can choose to post:


We will give you some types of content that will drive you more traffic:
• Infographics:
Inforgraphics is perfect for illustrating complex data, research, and statistics. Especially, many people like to reading information on infographics than reading the text. If you have a great infographic, your audience will click and share it on social media networks. Because it is easy to understand, link and share. This will drive traffic to your website.
• Videos:
You can outline your ideas, and then create an informative video. It is a great way to put the video on your site and youtube, which will give you more chance to reach your target audiences.
• Lists:
In many cases, people are attracted by article with the title“5 Mobile Tips to rank higher in search result”. You can determine new topics and pick a number. SEO Agency Singapore advices that you should write your list follow this simple format: introduce the topic, list your points, and provide a conclusion.
• Interview:
When you have a chance to interview an expert, you can gain much useful information. This information you have is unique. Thus, you can give a summary of the interview and share it with your audience.

3. Updating new trends


Nowadays, people can easily access information on Internet. Your visitors will not come back to your site again if your content is out of date. It is a reason why you should update news and trends.

4. The efforts of employees

Encouraging employees to interact with target audience and get in touch with current customers through their social channels. This way will make your customer reliable and close to your brand. Thus, you should update latest trends and provide related content so as to keep your clientele engaged. Targeted quality content will keep current clients engaged and tempt new ones to come and stay on board.
With best seo services Singapore, we will give you a lot of new ideas to create content marketing or build a Search Engine Optimization strategy. We make sure that we can improve your search engine ranking on Google result within 2-3 months. If you have any concern, please feel free to contact us.
Source: References from reliable SEO websites.

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